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Culinary master

My journey has taken me across three continents: from Argentina, where I was born to Italian immigrants, to the United States, where I spent fifteen formative years, and now to Florence, Italy, my beloved home. Here, among the winding cobblestone streets, my passion for food and wine has blossomed into something extraordinary.

In my youth, I ventured to New York City with aspirations of a career in culinary tourism. After exploring various roles, I took the initiative, guiding Italian tourists through the city’s iconic landmarks, particularly in the Meatpacking District, my favorite, while cultivating my deep passion for its diverse culinary landscape.

The events of September 11, 2001, marked a turning point, prompting me to explore New Jersey’s culinary scene. It was here that I founded the Patagonia pastry and coffee shop, garnering attention through special features on Eyewitness News.

In 2009, I returned to Italy, driven by the desire to share my culinary journey. The birth of Home Cooking Tours allowed me to showcase the essence of Florence’s local gastronomy beyond typical tourist offerings.

At Home Cooking Tours, our mission is to immerse guests in authentic Italian culture, with local hosts opening their homes to indulge in feasts paired with excellent wines. Every dish, from handmade pasta to decadent desserts, is crafted with love and tradition, creating a symphony of flavors.

Join us on a culinary odyssey through the heart and soul of Italy, and discover the captivating culinary heritage of Florence. It’s an adventure that promises unforgettable memories. Additionally, my deep love for cooking with fire and using manual techniques, passed down by my grandmother, adds an extra layer of authenticity to our experiences.

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